Meeting TOMORROW at 7pm for Emergency Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser

Hey all,

It’s been a while!

Since it’s all over the news, I’m sure you’ve heard about the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, leaving thousands dead, injured, or homeless.

I’d like to enlist any enthusiastic friends to help put together an impromptu fundraiser for the victims of the disaster this Sunday (during the day) at Castlebraid (114 Troutman between Central and Evergreen in Bushwick).

If you’re in a band and willing to donate some playing time, that’s awesome. If you’re a member of the press who can help us to get the word out, wonderful. Know someone who might want to be a guest speaker? Have genius ideas about how to raise as much as possible? We need you!

If you think you might be able to help, you’re welcome to attend an emergency planning meeting at TOMORROW, THURSDAY @ 7pm at CastleBraid.

Thank you all so much. Please get back to me with any ideas or thoughts @ We know how last minute this is, but an emergency’s an emergency, right?

xo Brooklyn Artillery

Poetry Brothel TONIGHT at Castlebraid 9PM!

The Poetry Brothel is an organization of poets and artists, directed by The Madame and Tennessee Pink, whose mission is to expand New Yorkers’ personal, intellectual and fiscal interest in poetry through events, workshops and other projects. Intimacy, community, passion, service and transformation of environment and self are the guiding principles behind The Poetry Brothel. With these principles in mind, The Poetry Brothel creates worlds in which poets and non-poets can better come together to celebrate the pleasures of poetry.

The cornerstone of The Poetry Brothel is its event series. A new and dreamlike twist on a poetry reading, The Poetry Brothel is foremost interested in showcasing a diverse roster of emerging and established poets. However, our events are also interactive performance art pieces based on the concept of the prewar brothels in the United States and Europe. Each night The Madame presents a rotating cast of both male and female poets engaged in a night of literary debauchery and private poetry readings. The poets act as “whores,” making audience members “johns,” but instead of physical intimacy, the poets offer the intimacy of their poetry in private, one-on-one readings. For a small fee, all of the resident “whores” are available for these sequestered readings at any time during the event. Of course, any good brothel need a furtive “front” or cover; ours is part saloon and part salon, offering a full bar with absinthe, live music, live painting, fortune-tellers, gypsies, and gamblers with newly integrated performances and installations from our poets and other artists at each event. Each night The Madame and Tennessee Pink also introduce the “new girl,” a featured reader who punctuates the evening with a few special public performances.

Visit The Poetry Brothel Online

THIS FRIDAY – Circle Rules Football Fall Down Up Party

Come celebrate our wonderful summer this Friday, 10/23 at Castle Braid Lofts in Brooklyn.
Hosted by Brooklyn Artillery Arts Fair from 7-11pm!
$10 at the door keeps us playing
Sponsored in part By Shmaltz Brewery, Dutch Kills, and YOU.

The Circle Rules Federation is comprised of the co-creators and most avid players of the new sport, Circle Rules Football, invented in 2006 as a senior theatre project at NYU’s experimental theater wing.

The hope with Circle Rules, as it is colloquially called, was to bridge a long standing gap between sports and the arts. The game is, for all intensive purposes, a competitive sport, and since its inception, it has been played as such. However, Circle Rules Football was developed with the fundamental understanding that all sports are a type of theater, and the same artistic choices a playwright or director would face might also be faced by a sport inventor. Therefore, our knowledge of both athletics and of theater was equally instrumental to the development of Circle Rules. The game has been played on many fields across the country and internationally; it has held its ground with a broad spectrum of players and of varying degrees of competition.

TONIGHT 6pm! Open Call for Models at Castle Braid!

Skilled at walking in heels? Brooklyn Artillery needs you! Come out to Castle Braid (114 Troutman in Brooklyn) between 6pm and 9pm tonight for a chance to take part in Saturday’s fashion extravaganza! Get your first taste of runway, or don utterly elegant couture and wander Alice-in-wonderland style through the galleries at Artillery.

Please email to RSVP – walk-ins are also welcome but RSVPs get priority.


ARTILLERY FASHION – Saturday October 17th at Castle Braid

Photographs by Emiliano Cavicchi (

Photographs by Emiliano Cavicchi (

On Saturday, October 17 , 2009, Brooklyn Artillery dons its most impractical stillettos as fashionistas and designers from all over Brooklyn take over Artillery’s two floor art fair with sumptuous adventures in apparel and jewelery. Up-and -coming and established designers will present an open-air fashion show in Castle Braid’s courtyard, while gloriously outfitted models wander throughout two floors filled with curations by Brooklyn galleries. Pose for spontaneous photoshoots on the swingset and hammock while you make life-or-death decisions about next season’s wardrobe. The evening will be complemented by live music and performance, and free refreshments thanks to our lovely sponsors.

Donations and ticket proceeds from Fashion Artillery go towards buying a holiday gift of warm winter clothing for each student from M.S. 347 through the YMCA’s after school program. What could look sexier on you than good karma?

Schedule of Events

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

12pm – Fashion Artillery Opens to the Public. Models roam free through the open spaces at Castle Braid. Featuring live music and “Pop-up shops” of indie-designer awesomeness, and, as always, ART.

12-1pm – Check out the Vinyasa Yoga sesh. led by Amanda Coppola in Gitana Rosa’s space. Mimosas follow!

4pm – “Flipbooth Instant Flipbook Factory” starts making their custom personalized

5pm – 9pm – Models on the Runway and DJ’s on the catwalk. Hot.

8:30 – Special Implausible Structures sound art and performance.

11pm on – Afterparty at TANDEM (236 Troutman Street between Wilson Ave & Knickerbocker Ave)

Live DJ’s and dancing, and $5 Blackcurrent Cosmos for Artillery Guests!

Featured Fashionistas

Brooklyn Royalty, JoAnn Berman, Alisha Trimble, Mandate of Heaven, Brooklyn Robot, Hillary Flowers, Lolli Poppit, Koket Treasures, Gabriela Ortiz, Sheila Frank, Terina “Meca” McKinney, Abby Ballin – Dana James, Dana Lee, Jasmine Marrero, Sandy Perez, Sharra Dade, Londyn Nikole, Anija Jalac

Featured Music

George Lewis Jr., Selekta Sludge, JALEN, Sam Feather

Featured Artists / Designers
Eyelevel BQE, Gitana Rosa, Like the Spice, SPREAD, Outside the Time Zone, Brooklyn Arsenal, Playspace,Evaspace, New Blood, Art 101, Suzanne Stroebe, Emiliano Cavicchi, Rob Saywitz, Bahar Behbahani, Sam Nosratian, Elinor Famutimi, Implausible Structures, Goddess Herstory, Chez Bushwick, Greepoint Open Studios, North Brooklyn Public Art, and specially invited urban and up-and-coming artists… plus many more!

About Us

Castle Braid Co., at 114 Troutman in Bushwick, isn’t just an apartment building – it’s a vision of a seamless interplay between the individual and the vibrant collective they’ve helped to create. In a world custom-built to enable the artist, you may finally be free to inhabit the role you’ve always known was yours to play. Castle Braid Co. grows as you grow, reaching far beyond locality by allowing its well of creative energy to constantly regenerate and expand – living proof of the unimaginable power of our collective aspirations.

Photographs by Emiliano Cavicchi (

Photographs by Emiliano Cavicchi (

BROOKLYN ARTILLERY is our answer to the art fairs of Basel and Armory, but more than that – the name covers a cache of ongoing creative events and happenings that will take place throughout the building and neighborhood in general. The galleries of the Williamsburg Gallery Association, Greenpoint Open Studios, Chez Bushwick, and independent curations will populate the open apartments and chic garden duplexes of Castle Braid with works by up-and-coming and established artists.Yoga and dance workshops, film festivals in Castle Braid’s new mini-theater, screen-printing parties and figure drawing sessions are just a few of the treats in store in the year to come.