This week’s special events at Artillery!

Brooklyn Artillery @ Castle Braid 114 Troutman Street (between Central and Evergreen) Bushwick, Brooklyn Six weeks of special events at the Castle Braid building in the heart of Bushwick! Upcoming Events Thursday, September 24th, 8:30 pm – 10:30pm Drawing under the Influence $5 – You bring your drawing supplies and your artistic prowess, we provide …

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Film Screening Tonight! 5pm – Blank Check vs. Jerry McGuire

NOT!!! A collection of false expectations inherited from the 90’s Curated by Sofía Gallisá Film lies, and in its lying, film reveals. That is the central theme of this selection of post-Reagan, pre-9/11 mainstream Hollywood films. When we look at the cinematic discourse of the 90’s, it’s plagued with blind optimism and the promise of …

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Screening in the Lobby: India Street Mural Movies by NbPac

The North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition does amazing work with the community to add beauty to public places in Brooklyn. Their Kickoff project, the India Street Mural, has been a resounding success, and we’re lucky enough to be screening their films about the endeavor on the big screen in the lobby of Castle Braid. Stop …

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Opening night : In Pictures

I know we’ve already said it, but Brooklyn Artillery’s opening on Saturday was awesome. Off the hook. Whatever your favorite synonym for utterly freaking fabulous is. Here are the pictures to prove it. Thanks go out to Emiliano Cavicchi ( for the photographs. Emiliano will hopefully be joining Artillery as an exhibitor soon, and we’ll …

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Artillery rocks hardcore, and the Public Reacts.

It’s now been two days since we launched Brooklyn Artillery, and in between collectively overcoming our hangovers and our creative director getting her butt forcibly dragged to Maryland for a much needed vacation, we haven’t had time to scour the net to find out whether we’re totally famous or kind of snooty and obscure. Good …

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People who played at Artillery’s opening and made it awesome

Bands Performing on 9/12/09 The City and Horses, The Vanguard, (The) Slowest Runner (In All The World), Uproot Andy Ribbons DJS: Kordan DJ, Ri ,Nathan Vice PLUS: exhibitions by all the local Brooklyn Art galleries listed below:

Brooklyn Artillery begins September 12, 2009

In September, Castle Braid will present the first incarnation of BROOKLYN ARTILLERY, bringing together the best of Brooklyn Arts and Music in the apartments of the new Castle Braid Building at 114 Troutman in Bushwick. The exhibition will be launched with a two-night event showcasing the collective power of Brooklyn’s best creative minds. The galleries …

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