Brooklyn Artillery on Flavorpill!

The night before Brooklyn Artillery officially opened to the public, we had a visit from Laura Feinstein of – and today her article came out! Here’s an excerpt:

“We recently ventured to Bushwick to catch a glimpse of the Brooklyn Artillery Art Fair, which promised to be “our answer to the art fairs of Basel and Armory, but more than that… a cache of ongoing creative events and happenings that will take place throughout the building and neighborhood.” We expected the multi-gallery show to be similar to many of the Bushwick art fairs and open showings we’d been to in the past — disorganized and housed in a dingy space, with nary a curator to be seen. However, when we arrived at Castle Braid, we found a group of bright young creatives all working towards a goal of forming a true artists collective in Bushwick, something rare if not extinct in this modern age.”

Cool, right? Read the rest, plus a looong interview with your friendly fair organizers at Utopia or Gimmick? Meet the Creative Team Behind Williamsburg’s Latest Artist Housing Space by Laura Feinstein

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