THIS FRIDAY – Circle Rules Football Fall Down Up Party

Come celebrate our wonderful summer this Friday, 10/23 at Castle Braid Lofts in Brooklyn.
Hosted by Brooklyn Artillery Arts Fair from 7-11pm!
$10 at the door keeps us playing
Sponsored in part By Shmaltz Brewery, Dutch Kills, and YOU.

The Circle Rules Federation is comprised of the co-creators and most avid players of the new sport, Circle Rules Football, invented in 2006 as a senior theatre project at NYU’s experimental theater wing.

The hope with Circle Rules, as it is colloquially called, was to bridge a long standing gap between sports and the arts. The game is, for all intensive purposes, a competitive sport, and since its inception, it has been played as such. However, Circle Rules Football was developed with the fundamental understanding that all sports are a type of theater, and the same artistic choices a playwright or director would face might also be faced by a sport inventor. Therefore, our knowledge of both athletics and of theater was equally instrumental to the development of Circle Rules. The game has been played on many fields across the country and internationally; it has held its ground with a broad spectrum of players and of varying degrees of competition.


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