Ellis Gallagher chalks up the lobby

Hey all! First off, thanks so much to everyone who came out to the grand opening of Brooklyn Artillery on Saturday. It was amazing to see so much of New York turn out to support the many fabulous artists who brought their A-game to the walls and floors of Castle Braid.

We had one very special guest pay us a visit just hours before the opening. Ellis Gallagher is king of the urban shadow, and unless you’ve been living under a paving-stone for the past few years, you’ve probably seen his chalked outlines everywhere from the streets of Miami during Art Basel to the row of traffic-island trash cans at Fountain 2009, to public walls and front walks all over Brooklyn. Ellis created a special shadow piece for the lobby of Castle Braid, and we hope he’ll be back!

You can read more about Ellis at his website, or on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellis_Gallagher. That’s right, an artist who took part in Artillery has his own wikipedia entry. We’d scream like little fangirls, but we’re afraid he’d think we weren’t cool, so a nonchalant “word.” will have to suffice.


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