Gitana Rosa

Gitana Rosa Gallery

Gitana Rosa is Williamsburg’s first green gallery. 10% of proceeds from the space go towards a revolving list of local and national environmental non-profits, decided by both the featured artists and the gallery.

From their website, Gitana Rosa “has transformed a brand new duplex one bedroom condo and patio personal showroom. We will feature hand made original home furnishings, jewelry, reworked one of a kind recycled articles of clothing as well as paintings, photographs, sculpture pieces and even organic cleaning products by Options for Life. Featured Artists include Marie J. Baptist (Funky Lobes), Tom Billings, Tom Bob, Elle Burchill, Flavia Cardoso, Brett Casper, Meiling Chen, Rebecca Conroy, Kelly Fancher, Andrés García-Peña, Sonomi Kobayashi, Michael Krynski, Jonas Mekas, Suzy Q, Dmitriy Rozin, Graham T. Slick, Jodi Taylor, Alisha Trimble, Gagik Vardanian, Manuela Vierra-Gallo, Giamarrio Villa, Brett Wintle and Elizabeth Wood.”

People who played at Artillery’s opening and made it awesome

Bands Performing on 9/12/09

The City and Horses,

The Vanguard,

(The) Slowest Runner (In All The World),

Uproot Andy


Kordan DJ, Ri ,Nathan Vice
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Ellis Gallagher chalks up the lobby

Hey all! First off, thanks so much to everyone who came out to the grand opening of Brooklyn Artillery on Saturday. It was amazing to see so much of New York turn out to support the many fabulous artists who brought their A-game to the walls and floors of Castle Braid.

We had one very special guest pay us a visit just hours before the opening. Ellis Gallagher is king of the urban shadow, and unless you’ve been living under a paving-stone for the past few years, you’ve probably seen his chalked outlines everywhere from the streets of Miami during Art Basel to the row of traffic-island trash cans at Fountain 2009, to public walls and front walks all over Brooklyn. Ellis created a special shadow piece for the lobby of Castle Braid, and we hope he’ll be back!

You can read more about Ellis at his website, or on Wikipedia at That’s right, an artist who took part in Artillery has his own wikipedia entry. We’d scream like little fangirls, but we’re afraid he’d think we weren’t cool, so a nonchalant “word.” will have to suffice.


Brooklyn Artillery begins September 12, 2009

castlebraidIn September, Castle Braid will present the first incarnation of BROOKLYN ARTILLERY, bringing together the best of Brooklyn Arts and Music in the apartments of the new Castle Braid Building at 114 Troutman in Bushwick.

The exhibition will be launched with a two-night event showcasing the collective power of Brooklyn’s best creative minds. The galleries of the Williamsburg Gallery Association will populate the open apartments and chic garden duplexes of Castle Braid with works by up-and- coming and established artists. Some will reinvent and reimagine the blank canvas of a living space; others will create a bona fide miniature gallery with wine and cheese receptions and a curated rotation of works. On the ground floor and in the landscaped shade of the enclosed courtyard, performers will treat guests to a living, breathing artistic / musical experience, while on designated walls specially invited street and graffiti artists notorious to our neighborhood will have the freedom to transform without the threat of repercussion.

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Brooklyn Street Art

BROOKLYN STREET ARTA mass movement of artists to Brooklyn NYC is fueling a growth of new art in tiny galleries, art collectives, and artist studios. New hybrids, new techniques, and new mediums are expanding the definition of public art, street art, graffiti, and urban art; and each is vying for passer-by and worldwide attention. As trends develop, we watch to see these influences affecting popular culture and the rest of the art world.

Chez Bushwick

Irit Batsry, Beach DancerChez Bushwick, an artist-run organization based in Brooklyn, is dedicated to the advancement of interdisciplinary art and performance, with a strong focus on new choreography. Since its inception in 2002, the organization has been acknowledged as a new model for economic sustainability in the performing arts, offering New York City’s only $5 subsidy for rehearsal space, and thereby fostering the creation, development, and performance of new work. Chez Bushwick is also responsible for a number of monthly performance programs that encourage artistic freedom, collaboration, and creative risk-taking.

Greenpoint Open Studios


Greenpoint Open Studios is a weekend long event celebrating a burgeoning art scene in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is a collaborative effort between artists, organizations, businesses and volunteers to build a creative platform in which all members of the community can foster and contribute to a support system that encourages the sharing of ideas and relationships. As artist studios and exhibition spaces continue to emerge in the neighborhood we hope to facilitate the growth of a thriving art community.

The North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition

nbpacheaderThe North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition (NbPac) is a new initiative whose goal is to work with local artists, community members, arts organizations and businesses in order to increase the presence of public art in North Brooklyn.  By doing so, NbPac hopes to beautify, revitalize, and energize the Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick neighborhoods through public art.